TCT Design Idea

Leading brand & manufacturer of ergonomic furniture

With half a century’s experience in manufacturing furniture, TCT continues to be the best in the industry. We have been producing state of the art ergonomic furniture for nearly a decade and have received many endorsements along the way.

On to the next position! Furniture developers have been struggling for ages to produce healthier products but have been missing the key point: change is everything. Changing position regularly is the key to relieving aches and musculoskeletal disorders.

In most developed countries, it has become common knowledge that it is unhealthy to sit in the same position all day. To solve this problem, many expensive electric desks are sold every year. At TCT we specialize in producing ergonomically designed products that everyone can afford.

The Desktop is height adjustable by use of a patented German mechanism.

In conformance with ISO standards, the angle of the desktop can be adjusted to allow for the most comfortable and healthy position.

Use of the patented keyboard-tilting mechanism results in reduced strain on the neck, wrists and shoulders.

Don’t sit all day! Switch it up to reduce sitting related health problems.

Piano lacquer + non reflective PU absorb light and reduce strain on the eyes.

E0 & E1 none toxic coating paint conform to the international standards valid in the European Union & U.S.A