Kid2Youth Design Idea

In compliance with ISO & ASTM standards, our products are fully adjustable to provide a healthy working environment to users in various positions.

1. TCT Desks are gas lift (German-made Stabilus) height adjustable. A properly adjusted working surface is an important factor in achieving and maintaining proper posture. The front surface of the desk is also adjustable to improve comfort and safety while writing, reading and drawing.

2. It is very important that you adjust your work position often. Doctors recommend changing position every few hours to relieve stress on the vertebra. By changing position, you relieve the pressure and stress that builds up over time. By sitting & standing in different positions, your body will experience less injury from long hours of work. Our adjustable desk designs enable users to achieve an ideal working position while sitting or standing at work.

As a truly ergonomically-minded company, safety and health our #1 priority.

TCT has met many of the world’s strictest production quality standards.